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Pray for Japan Charity Event
We would like to thank all that participated and assisted in arranging the ìPray for Japanî Concert; especially Kaori, Akiko, Misaki, Kohei and Mayumi, who were tireless in their efforts to make origami birds and collect donations. The concert, which was held on Thursday 7th April, was a remarkable hit.

The programme included a violin trio, (Kaori and her friends), who regaled the audience with elegant and delightful pieces performed to a professional standard, which impressed us all.

Many thanks to Kris and Rebecca, who sang a few popular country classics, much to the obvious delight of everyone. Kris also accompanied Aamir, our Pakistani student, whose beautiful rendition of ìMy Heart Will Go Onî moved the audience.

Our appreciation also extends to Dan, who performed jaw-dropping break-dance moves, and thrilled the crowd.

We were overjoyed to see that so many different nationalities of student pulled together to support this good cause, which raised £1,278.45 through the concert and bazaar; as well as the efforts of our Japanese students during the preceding week.

Many thanks to all that participated and God Bless Japan!

Click here to see some concert photos


Wishing the Royal couple
the very best for the future together

April marks the beginning of spring in London and there will be several Easter bank holidays during the month; including the 29th, which will be the wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Itís time to do some more outdoor activities, including sports in Victoria Park.

On the 8th weíll be going to the Imperial War museum to see the exhibitions of both the First and Second World Wars. And finally on the 15th weíll be inviting our Pakistani students to teach us to play cricket in the park.

Please remember to sign up on the sheet in Reception: and if there are any other activities that you would like to do during the months ahead, please donít hesitate to speak to Rebecca about them.

All the activities will give you a wonderful opportunity not only to experience London life but also to practise your English speaking!!

  Tennis in the Park
With the better weather and longer days, we look forward to plenty of outdoor activities. What better way to start the ìpreview of the summerî than to brush up on your racquet skills on court. Rebecca is always there to support and teach you.
Date: Friday, 1st of April
Time: 2pm at Twin Towers College
Price: free

  Imperial War Museum
For those of you interested in history, and particularly that of the First and Second World Wars, the Imperial War museum is fantastic. With a life sized display/walk through the First World War trenches and a special major exhibition looking at the home front in Britain through the eyes of children, this is not only a museum but a walk through history, and something all of us should be interested in, as both wars shaped the world we live in today.
Date: Friday, 8th April
Time: 1.15pm at Twin Towers College
Price: free (there is a charge for the temporary exhibitions)

  Cricket In the Park
Sports for everyone! Whether you enjoy playing or prefer to be a spectator, come and join us after lessons for a good game of cricket. Bring food and drinks if you wish and we can have a picnic
Date: Friday, 15th April
Time: 1.30pm at Twin Towers College
Price: free

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